Lou, The French on the Block: A Taste of Paris in Burbank

Lou, The French on the Block: A Taste of Paris in Burbank

Located in the heart of Burbank near the 134 fwy, Lou, The French on the Block is a warm and inviting cafe that serves up some of the best French pastries and coffee in the city. The cafe is owned and operated by Chef Laurent Correa, who hails from Paris. 

The cafe's menu features a wide variety of pastries, including croissants, pain au chocolat, eclairs, and tartes. The pastries are all made fresh daily, and they are simply delicious. The coffee is also excellent, and it is roasted in-house.

Parking can get crazy but get here early to get a good spot and miss some of the longer lines later in the day.

I made the mistake of getting there around 10:30 am, by then there was a line but not too bad. There was no parking near by so I dropped off my wife to get in line. Eventually, I found a spot a block and a half away. As I walked closer to the spot I noticed this tall black man with a friendly smile. It was Lou himself talking to some folks outside. He noticed me and said hello which I returned back at him.

The line was pretty quick, as we got to the register we asked for 4 regular croissants and 2 almond croissants but unfortunately they had run out of Almond so we went with Chocolate Almond. 

The croissants are off da hook here. No lie. My wife told me this spot has the best croissants she has had so far since she visited Paris years ago. That should tell you.

The staff was super friendly. One of the staff approached me and gave me a compliment on my Mayaincatec Sweatshirt. I told it was one of my designs and gave him my website. Really cool staff.

Lou, The French on the Block is a great place to enjoy a taste of Paris without having to leave Burbank. Some things you can expect when you visit Lou, The French on the Block:

  • Delicious French pastries, made fresh daily
  • Excellent coffee, roasted in-house
  • A variety of sandwiches, quiches, and salads
  • A warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Excellent service

If you are looking for a taste of Paris in Burbank, Lou, The French on the Block is the perfect place to visit.   4007 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505

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